Canada Cares Tour



As a disabled advocate since I was 17, I remember the first time I went to a meeting about changing the focus.  I was eighteen and scared to death.  I sat next to a man who I am proud today to call my friend, the person whom I could call upon, and now a guardian angel, Mr. Randy Beland.  The impact that Randy had on my life was more than I could give thanks to.  He taught me how to stand up for myself, as well as to NEVER lose focus on a dream.  Randy knew my dream. To someday see a more united Canada.


To help implement  programs and services equally across Canada and give awareness and hope to individuals and families with disabilities or facing a life-threatening illness.

Why a cross-country tour?

A cross country tour is most important because you can read about what’s out there, but you don’t really have a handle on it until you see it for yourself.  Many programs and services in each province are fragmented and therefore there is a vital lack of networking between the provinces.  In search of a common ground that will enhance the existing programs and services and bring upon new hope for some unheard ones. It is imperative to reach every voice and concern  in this country, and unite Canada as ONE.

For seven years I have had this dream.  I am a woman, a mother, an advocate, a student, a survivor who believes that every person should have their rights and needs met.   I have sat on many committees, volunteered my time, given many government speeches and lived through all of these issues.  I have seen the positives and the negatives and my ultimate goal is to see more positives and eliminate as many negatives as I can. Too many times people fall through the cracks in different areas across the provinces.  We pick up the paper and  thank God its not us.  Helping to implement changes in laws, services, programs, and bring awareness to all of the different provinces of the opportunities that other ones may have for them.

We sing  O Canada from our hearts very proudly.  As a country, united as one.  Yet in some forgotten areas, we are still fighting for unity.  To bring Canada together , closer, a more united bond between all of the provinces and Canadians, and to remember that we can all work, care, help, love together across  Canada.  The Canada Cares Tour, will bring on new hope, open closed doors, and bring together Canadians as one.